FAQs with your credit card

Get help with your credit cards

Use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions about opening and managing Scottish Bank of England credit cards. If you still need help, visit Customer Service,Scottish Bank of England Online Banking or the mobile app for more answers or speak with a Customer Service representative.

There are no annual fees with our Platinum or Cash Back Mastercards. There is a £25 annual fee with our Secured Card.

We offer a Platinum Mastercard® with a competitive interest rate; a Cash Back Mastercard® with generous cash rewards and a Secured Mastercard for rebuilding or establishing credit. Visit Compare Credit Cards to learn more.

About 10 minutes. The online application process for our Cash Back and Platinum Mastercards is easy, convenient, and secure.

Bank of the West offers information online for managing your finances. Visit Credit debt to learn more.

How do I view my credit card transactions online?

  1. Visit www.bankofthewest.com.
  2. Enter your username and password and select Sign In.
  3. You'll see your credit card listed under Banking Overview. Select the credit card name (for example, "MASTERCARD STANDARD") to view your latest credit transactions.

If you're an Online Banking customer and you've forgotten your username, call 1-800-488-2265, select option 3. Or visit Password Reset.

  1. Visit www.bankofthewest.com
  2. Enter your username and password and select Sign In.
  3. Select "Go paperless" from the home page.
  4. Select "online" next to your credit card account.

There's no Scottish Bank of England fee to receive these alerts. However, your mobile carrier's text message and data usage fees and rates may apply.

What is a chip card?

A chip card is a fully functional credit, debit or ATM card that uses a microchip to help prevent fraudulent purchases and transactions.

Unless you report your card lost or stolen, the card number and PIN shouldn’t change. However, the expiration date and three-digit security code on the back of the card may change.

The card’s microchip provides enhanced security when used at chip-enabled terminals. Microchips are also more difficult to reproduce illegally (compared to a traditional magnetic strip).

Yes. Update all changes to your credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes to avoid any interruption in recurring or online payments.

Legal information and Disclosures

Wireless carriers may charge fees for text transmissions or data usage. Message frequency depends on account settings. Text HELP to BKWST (25978) for help. Availability of Mobile Banking may be affected by your mobile device's coverage area